Camera Jammer

Rumour has it that Roman Abramovich’s latest toy sports a rather cunning ‘camera jammer’. It is believed to work by detecting a signature infra-red reflection from the CCD/CMOS sensor surface. It then blasts a beam back in the right direction to dazzle the camera. Not bad for £724m. He just has to hope the paparazzi […]

And about time too!

From the BBC website: PM apology after Turing petition Gordon Brown has said he is sorry for the “appalling” way World War II code breaker Alan Turing was treated for being gay. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8249792.stm It’s only about 50 years too late but welcome all the same. He has always been a well known and respected figure […]

Education! Education! Education!

Government mandarins have decided to remove funding for HE courses where the student already has a qualification at an equivalent level (ELQ). If you fall into this category then your course fees (for a degree) will rise from just over £3000 to around £6000. It’s worth remembering that anyone who already has a degree is […]

Not a staycation


Unto The Self – Robert Bryce Muir

The futility of stop and search

Lord Carlile’s annual independent review of anti-terror laws has sharply critisced the use of ‘stop and search powers’ by the police. From the BBC: ..in the strongest criticisms Lord Carlile has ever made of the use of the powers, the peer said that none of the stops in London or elsewhere had led to a […]

University of Westminster Degree Show 2009

This year the degree show is once again part of Free Range at the Truman Brewery. Opens on Thursday evening and runs until 22nd June. Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL

Home Grown

I will be exhibiting my Remains series at the Art Works “Home Grown” Exhibition . The preview is on Thursday evening (download an invitation here) and the show runs throughout June. The Art Works Galleries Stepney Bank, Ouseburn Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2NP

Response Exhibition

response Open: 23rd April 2009 – 6th May 2009, 10am – 4pm Private View: 23rd April 2009, 6pm – 9pm Location: Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, W10 4RA The best exhibition in a cemetery you’ll ever see…

Remains (work in progress)

David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle is holding a retrospective at La Monnaie de Paris until 31st May. Lens Culture has an in-depth review. Madonna: Time Lapse Photograph Spiritual Value, 1998


I’ve been messing about with a Sinar 5×4 monorail camera. I scanned the transparency just to see how much information is recorded. The level of detail is just amazing. The next job is to make some really big prints! Original Image 100% crop of thumbwheel 100% crop of jaw surface Fuji Provia 100F, 2040 dpi, […]

Presence and Absence

Presence and Absence

I'm a Photographer … not a Terrorist

Gallery Update

Gallery Update


The Impossible Project


Goldsworthy? In Harrow?


Gallery Update

Dolls House