Slutwalk London 2012


I attended Slutwalk in London in support of my wife Klara.  There’s a full gallery of photos on my Flickr feed Klara was wearing a special Slut version of her Mildred blanket for survivors with PTSD.

Decisions! Decisions!


It’s a tricky one.  Which one gets the bullet?  Mr Charisma Bypass or Mr Face I’d Never Tire of Slapping?  Of course I’ve only shown two choices and, much though I hate to admit it, it looks like Rock vs Hard-Place is the way our electoral system is going to stay.  The LibDems recent poll […]

Digital Economy Bill

The stunningly ill-conceived piece of legislation known as the Digital Economy Bill is due to go to the report stage in the House of Lords next week.  It seems increasingly likely that the bill will be forced through before the the General Election in an attempt to bribe Murdoch & Co. to support Labour’s election […]

I’m a Photographer and a Terrorist


I wonder how long it would take the Met to pomme purée my brain-matter if I wear this around town? with apologies to IAPNAT



Photo Op, kennardphillipps (2005) Seems appropriate today.



I’m not paranoid.  I knew they were after me!! (Original is here)