Cleaning mould from Bronica PS lenses

Zenzanon PS 50mm f3.5

One unfortunate side-effect of living in a basement flat by the sea is the damp.  Over the course of the last few years this has taken its toll on my lenses, they all show traces of mould or hazing.  Fortunately, after closer  inspection, on two of the lenses the damage was restricted to the external […]

Izitru – IzItAnyGood?


At the start of May a new image authentication service was launched. Izitru (“is it true”)  was developed by Fourandsix Technologies Inc. to “allow anyone who captures a photo to certify the original before they make any modifications or begin sharing it”. Hany Farid is one of the co-founders of Fourandsix and probably the leading […]

Free Pussy Riot


My good lady has made this glorious poster in support of Pussy Riot.  You can share the image from Amnesty International’s Tumblr.

Brighton Open Houses 2012


If you’re in the Brighton are during May check out the Artists Open Houses (particularly the fabulous Flamingo Studio run by Klara and me).  Every weekend in May local artists open their homes and studios for the public to visit.  It’s become a bit of a landmark event in the Brighton arts scene with well […]

Photobook Printing


I recently had my book reprinted by  They are less well known than POD book printers like Blurb and Lulu but offer some options that make them more interesting for photobooks. If you are considering using ubyu I recommend ordering a copy of their Sourcebook.  It allows you to see and feel the actual […]

Colour Processing..continued…


Following on from my post about DIY C41 processing, here are some of the results.   These were shot on a lightbox and quickly processed in Photoshop to give a usable positive image. First a roll of standard 35mm colour neg, this came out really well: Fuji Superia 400 Cropped and processed Then some half-frames from […]

Obituary: The Sunday Times (1989-2011)


I have been reading the Sunday Times since the late 1980s. When I was a teenager it was the household choice for weekend reading and I continued to buy it regularly though my university years and into my 30s. It was perhaps a surprising choice for a lefty such as me, it is after all […]

Colour Processing


I decided it was time to have a go at colour processing.  I’ve done plenty of monochrome over the years, but I’ve always shied away from colour because of its apparent cost and complexity.  However, I recently shot a batch of expired Ektachrome 100+ (EPP) with the intention of cross-processing it.  Under the circumstances I […]

Typhoon Talas

Prelude to Typhoon Talas

Prelude to Typhoon Talas, Osaka-shi, Japan.  September 2011  

Pentax Equipment Hire

Pentax Lenses

I’ve just spotted that SRS Microsystems are now offering a Pentax hire service. If you’re not a CanoNikonian it can be a real pain to borrow gear, so this service is very welcome.  I hope it does well!  

Continuum: Photography, Space and Time


Private view: Friday 11 March 6-9 PM Normal opening hours: Sat & Sun 12-4 pm Intervention Gallery is delighted to launch its 2011 season with the photography group show Continuum, curated by Kerim Aytac and Jeff Vanderpool. All work will be projected as slide shows in order to engage with the presentation of photography in […]

A New Topography of the Durham Coalfield

  A New Topography of the Durham Coalfield by Adam J Brown | Make Your Own Book

Digital Economy Bill

The stunningly ill-conceived piece of legislation known as the Digital Economy Bill is due to go to the report stage in the House of Lords next week.  It seems increasingly likely that the bill will be forced through before the the General Election in an attempt to bribe Murdoch & Co. to support Labour’s election […]

I’m a Photographer and a Terrorist


I wonder how long it would take the Met to pomme purée my brain-matter if I wear this around town? with apologies to IAPNAT



Clementine, AJB, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Come join us, play, dance, eat, win things… but most importantly of all BE KIND !!!! Random Acts of Kindness presents a fundraising night of great eclectic music, raffles, cakes with a mystery golden ticket, snap happy photographers and much, much more…. all for the Westminster BAPA (Photographic Arts) course. BeatTree Live the collective […]

Northern Soul

I’ve just spotted an article in the local rag about an exhibition of John Bulmer’s images of the North from the 1960s.  He’s not a photographer whose work I’m familiar with but it certainly looks worth seeing.  I only wish I’d known about it before submitting my dissertation on this very topic.  Meh! © John […]

There’s an App for that…

From New Scientist (6th Feb. 2010): Software doctors bad photos to make them look like a pro’s It may seem crude to reduce aesthetics to number crunching but software can now manipulate an amateur’s photographs to make them more pleasing to the eye. Algorithms score a photo’s aesthetics using simple composition rules widely used to […]

Abstract Reality


The camera in my mobile phone has a rather abstract concept of reality.  Colours are seldom as they were, every highlight is blown and every shadow crushed, and the noise is truly epic.  Why any idiot would cram a 5MP sensor behind a lens the size of a gnat’s chuff and pair it with an […]



Entanglement, AJB, 2010



Ausgang/Eingang, AJB, 2009

From the Archives

On the road from Enniscorthy to New Ross, Ireland. AJB, 2008 (from Gallery 75)

Girl on a Spacehopper


Girl on a ‘spacehopper’ at the bottom of Janet Street backlane, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, 1971 Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen



Photo Op, kennardphillipps (2005) Seems appropriate today.