Colour Processing..continued…

Following on from my post about DIY C41 processing, here are some of the results.   These were shot on a lightbox and quickly processed in Photoshop to give a usable positive image.

First a roll of standard 35mm colour neg, this came out really well:

Fuji Superia 400

Cropped and processed

Then some half-frames from the Bencini.  I was surprised that the film base of the Kodak EPP was still orange, I had expected it to be clear.  Looking back at some lab processed E6-in-C41 I can see that it still has a slight tint but less pronounced than my film.  Longer in the BLIX might fix that, I will experiment with that next time.

Kodak EPP cross-processed.  Vertical half-frame Bencini Koroll II

Positive Image

And finally the same film but shot on a 6×6 Bronica.

Kodak EPP cross-processed in C41.  Bronica SQAi

As a positive

Overall the results are quite pleasing.  There’s a very strong blue-green shift which won’t suit some subjects but I rather like it.  Fully-corrected the images have a muted palette and lovely grain structure.

Osaka Apartment.  Kodak EPP cross-processed in C41.  Bronica SQ-Ai

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