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From New Scientist (6th Feb. 2010):

Software doctors bad photos to make them look like a pro’s

It may seem crude to reduce aesthetics to number crunching but software can now manipulate an amateur’s photographs to make them more pleasing to the eye.

Algorithms score a photo’s aesthetics using simple composition rules widely used to guide budding photographers.  The image is then automatically cropped, or parts of it moved and resized, to boost its score.

The science bit is here.

This is just great.  No one need give a moments thought to the composition of their photographs.  The machines will take care of it.  They’ll spot who is smiling and refuse to shoot until all are grinning inanely, make the chubby ones look a bit slimmer, give everyone a perma-tan, and then rearrange the scene to make it look pretty.  Soon the technology will have progressed so far that you need not even attend your child’s birthday party, family holiday, or big night out with the lads.  Just send along your camera (with the GPS linked Thrust-O-Matic levitation device) and it will capture picture perfect moments of the event.  It will then upload them to Flickr to join the ranks with billions of other normalised images from the herd/cloud. Oh for fucks sake….

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